Syno Tool


For Data Collection, Processing, and Reporting

A Seamless Flow, from Collection to Visualization

Syno Tool, an online survey creation and management solution, helps clients from around the world ask the right questions to the right people. By leveraging the power of our Data as a Service (DaaS) platform, clients are able to do more with the data they collect than typical online survey systems.

Create Surveys

Advanced Surveys

With advanced technologies, Syno Tool allows agencies and brands to create surveys with complex logic and conditions that fit perfectly with their needs. This includes advanced rules and scripting, as well as custom question formats suited to client needs.

Built-in Language Capabilities

Syno Tool allows for the seamless uploading of various language files, allowing you to ask your questions in as many languages as you need. If you need help with translation, we can take care of that too.

The World's Largest Panel Platform

Syno Tool, through our partnership with Cint AP, provides access to respondents across the globe, with over 50 million panelists in 80 countries. If you want to use your own panel to save cost, that is also no problem.

Analyze Surveys

Flexible Analytic Solutions

Syno believes that the data generated is your own. Use our in-built analysis tools, or export the data into a wide range of formats, from Excel to SPSS and custom dashboards for visualizations.

Seamless Integration with the Syno Data Cloud Platform

Quickly understand and contextualize the results by merging your survey data with other data sets in the Syno Data Cloud Platform. See how survey results compare with POS, CX, EX, and benchmark data to quickly know how your business is doing.

Get Support

Support Is Always Available
With offices across Europe and Asia, there is always someone around to answer your questions in many different languages. We also offer live training sessions and tutorials to help get you up to speed.
Live training sessions

Feel like getting to know the platform the way we see it? Tired of trying to figure everything out on your own? We can arrange a live training session in which we’ll show and teach you everything you need to know.

From DIY to Full-Service
Prefer to have us run your survey for you? Not a problem. Our data-specialists will create the survey and run it for you, giving you the results in the format you request.

How Do We Compare?

Our clients often ask us how we differ from major online survey providers like Google Forms and Survey Monkey.


Google Forms

Survey Monkey

Syno Tool



Free – $$$$

Monthly subscription cost based on features desired and number of users

A low annual cost per login ID

Custom Survey Design

Choose from 16 basic templates

Up to 200 templates, based on pricing tier

Unlimited design choices available

Advanced Survey Logic

Basic Survey Options Only

Some advanced options, such as disqualification logic are available at the premium tiers with an annual subscription

Advanced JavaScript logic and survey flow available from the start

Multiple Languages

Some workarounds available, but no integrated solution

Available from premium plans, you’re responsible for the translation yourself

Available for all customers, with the full-service options available for translation coordination

Respondent Source

Pop-ups on your website, links sent via email

Links via email, social media, and chatbots, as well as Survey Monkey Panels

From anywhere you can imagine, including email and SNS, your own consumers via POS receipts, or Cint, the world’s largest panel marketplace

Real-Time Analysis

Data Analysis Formats

Limited online dashboard, Google Sheets

Dashboard with pre-defined modules, CSV, XLS, PDF, SPSS

Custom dashboards, CSV, XLS, PDF, SPSS, or other format of your choice

Integration with other data sets?



Integrate with our Data Cloud Platform for a wide range of analysis and monetization options

Full-Service Available?

*As of October 2019

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