What Is Syno Cloud?

Syno Cloud is our proprietary CDaaS (consumer data-as-a-service) solution for helping clients collect, process, and report on a wide variety of consumer data. Whether it’s first-party market research data from the world’s largest survey platform, or audience, CX, or POS data, we create custom, client-centric designs that are scalable to whatever stage of business a company is in. From small boutique hotels to major publishing houses, consultancies, and airlines, Syno Cloud helps foward-looking businesses better understand this data driven world.

Syno Cloud's Strengths

360° People Profiles

Syno Cloud builds a comprehensive, 360° view of consumers by combining and managing, on a single platform, various sets of data.  Sources differ by client needs, but can include survey data, CRM data, DMP data, DSP data, panel member data, purchase data, and online behavior data from passive tracking.



A Global Panel Network

From major media brands that host their panels on our system, to the world’s largest panel network, with over 100 million consumers in 150+ countries, Syno Cloud allows customers to tap into the opinions of people around the world.



From small boutique firms to some of the largest companies in the world, Syno Cloud can meet customer needs through a high degree of customizability and scalability. Whether a client needs an answer to a single question, or they would like a full-service package that allows users to access marketing research data, CX data, audience data, and look-a-like modeling data all within a single platform, we can handle it.



For many firms, different types of data are provided by different vendors. These vendors may, in turn, outsource collection. This division and outsourcing makes it difficult for companies to act in a timely manner. Furthermore, it is difficult to compare in-house data with that delivered by a wide range of vendors. In the case of large, multi-national studies, many market research companies will have outsourced tasks to a variety of local companies, compounding the time and cost. In contrast, Syno Cloud can build a system that allows clients to take action inexpensively and in a timely manner by efficiently collecting and coordinating domestic and overseas marketing research, as well as first- and third-party data in one platform.



By linking a wide variety of data sources together—from audience data to first party sales data—Syno Cloud allows for a higher quality level of seed data needed for look-a-like modeling. This data can then be linked to both private DMPs or overlaid to public DMPs. With higher quality seed data, you can ensure that your segmentation is of higher quality and isn’t just guesswork.


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