Extract the most valuable insights

All Your Data, Together at Last

Syno Library is our cloud-based solution for bringing all of your data together. By creating custom data pools from various combinations of multiple sources, you can quickly search, analysis, and take action. 

  • Sources can include data pulled from Syno Panel, Syno Tool, or Syno Audience, along with first party data, such as POS or sales data, and third-party purchased data.
  •  Whether your data needs are big or small, Syno Library can be tailored to you. Please contact us for a custom quotation.
  • Multiple data sources, hundreds of dimensions, and thousands of different metrics
  • Use our simple and powerful selection and filtering tool to extract the most valuable insights
  • Save selected dimensions and metrics to re-use them later
  • Analyze your selection with charts in different dimensions
  • Compare distributions in different selections
  • Optimize programmatic advertising targeting
  • Combine attitude data with first party data
  • Export to various formats

The Right Package for Whatever Your Needs

Potential Usage Areas

Syno Library Standard

Respondent Experience: Use previously-gathered data to shorten surveys.

Details: Stop asking the same demographic questions over and over again by connecting previously asked questions and panel profile data to newly gathered survey data.

Evaluate Effectiveness of Multiple Advertising Campaigns: Understand how marketing and advertising campaigns are performing over time.

Details: See how two or more campaigns are performing over time by analysing the survey responses of respondents that have replied to questions for more than one campaign effectiveness survey.

Syno Library Professional

Online Customer Analysis: Improved understanding of which customer segments consume which products and services.

Details: By analysing the panel profile and survey data that is matched to your customer data (via customer ID synchronization) you can get a deeper understanding of your customer.

Audience Analysis: Understand if your online campaigns reach the right target group.

Details: See a profile of the audience that is exposed to an online advertising campaign or the content on your website.


Syno Library Enterprise

Enable Targeted, Programmatic Advertising Campaigns: Identify interesting segments and connect to ad exchanges.

Details: By merging data from surveys, exposure to online campaigns, and Syno’s large database of panel member profiles, you can find niche segments that can be suitable to specific advertising campaigns. Via Relevant, you will be able to create segments that can be scaled up using look-a-like modeling to a larger audience, that can then be purchased on programmatic advertising networks (Adform, Google, AppNexus).


Create Low-Cost PR Campaigns: Without creating new surveys, find and compare interesting data points from Syno’s large database of panel member profiles and media usage to find content for interesting PR campaigns.

Identify Media Usage: Send advertising to the type of media your target audience consumes.

Details: Search Syno’s large database of panel member profile data on media usage to find your target audience’s media consumption habits. Use the information to buy advertising in the right media.

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