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Global Marketing Research

Syno's Global Marketing Research Solutions allow clients to hear their consumers' voices, wherever they are.

With panelists in 150 different countries we can quickly deliver results within your budget.

Key Features

Optimized Targeting for Survey Success

Panelists can be targeted with up to 50 different demographic points. From demographic and social characteristics to consumer habits, we can reach the panelists bests suited to your product or service.


Unlimited Survey Choices

Feel free to design the questionnaire of your dreams. Our system can handle any type of questions, from complex matrix questions to video or audio files, with any complex logic to match.


One Stop, Total Support

From questionnaire design and translation to data collection and analysis, let our experienced global research staff handle it.

Our Strengths

High Quality, Low Cost

Internet research targeted at overseas consumers is often extremely expensive compared to domestic research because many domestic research agencies lack in-house resources. Syno eliminates the need for outsourced vendors during the data collection process by centralizing both the survey system and collection, allowing for all companies expanding overseas, regardless of size, to be able to conduct global research.

Connected to 100 Million Panelists across 150 countries

Through a strategic partnership with Cint AB, the world's largest online panel platform, Syno can access 100 million panelists in 150 countries around the world. All panels in the network comply with international standards such as ISO and ESOMAR.

In addition, Syno works with media partners around the world to create in-house, high-quality panels of newspaper readers.

SynoTool—A Global Survey System

Our in-house survey system, SynoTool, supports the collection, processing, and reporting of high-quality, low-cost questionnaires. Not only can surveys be launched within Syno Tool for 65 different languages, but you can also view the results within a dashboard inside the system.

This highly flexible and scalable system can handle complex survey logic and create dashboards that incorporate external data, such as POS data.

Research Know-How by Experienced Experts

Different survey locations have different needs, and everything from how the questionnaire is launched to what kind of questions are used may be different. At Syno, our team of specialists carry out more than 340 overseas surveys each year and can provide total support from survey design to analytical reports.


Survey Design

  • Choose the correct question type based on the survey's purpose
  • Use correct words/phrases so that there is no discrepancies in the research
  • Design questions suited to the lifestyle and culture of the target population

Data Collection

  • Set an appropriate sample size based on your research objectives
  • Select the appropriate targeting conditions
  • Set the survey schedule

Data Analysis

  • Make better business decisions by comparing your data with market averages.
  • Receive in-depth reports from Syno's expert research consultants
  • Visualize and share the data within built-in dashboards

Project Process

Syno will recommend some of the following

after listening to your global research needs.

Survey Design

Survey Design
Survey Translation
  • Select Research Methodology
  • Design the Survey
  • Decide on the Sample Number
  • Translation
  • Create Questionnaire Screen

Data Collection

Launch the Survey
Data Collection
  • Connect to a Panel Platform
  • Target Panelists for Survey Delivery
  • Collect Answer Data

Data Reporting

Data Cleaning
Reporting / Processing
  • Check the Data
  • Remove Inappropriate Answers
  • Generate the Raw Data
  • Data Analysis
  • Create a Dashboard
  • Create Simple Summary/Cross-Tab Tables

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