Are you a publisher, who wants to maximize the ads shown on your website?
Are you a marketer who wants to target the right audiences with the right campaigns?
Are you interested in measuring the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns towards your target audiences?
With Syno's Digital Marketing Solution, you can:
Build and Manage your own Online Community

With SynoPanel, you can build your own online community to collect first-party, user-consented data about your audience. From there, you can turn this community into another revenue stream with NO SETUP AND MANAGEMENT FEES.

Store, Extract, and Analyze your Active Audience’s Data

Data from multiple sources can be synced to SynoLibrary, where you can extract meaningful insights, as well as compare your online regional or global datasets for a better understanding of your audience.

Measure and Evaluate a Marketing Campaign's Effectiveness towards a Targeted Audience

Quickly and effectively measure and report on the effectiveness of ad campaigns for a variety of factors, both online and offline, including print, TV, and radio, and show results compared to benchmarks

Target the Right Audience for your Content and Campaigns

With the Syno Cloud Platform, you can monitor your marketing campaigns across channels in one place. Using zero-party and first party sources, audience data can be highly segmented and distributed across a wide variety of platforms, including DMPs and DSPs for better ad targeting. This can also help you to optimize ad distribution and article recommendations for an enhanced user experience on your site.

Our Strengths

Gain In-Depth 3D Profiling Data of your Audience

Syno provides a platform to monitor and understand website audiences across a wide range of detailed profiling points. This profiling data includes, but is not limited to, demographic information like gender and age, as well as sociodemographic data such as household income, education level, employment status, number of children, or the car they drive. This data comes from market research and CX surveys—declared zero-party rather than inferred data—making it a powerful source for highly accurate DMP segmentation. With the insights gained from this segmentation, you can discover and understand current trends and preferences amongst specific groups or audiences within the general population.

Understand Active Audiences through Powerful Look-a-Like Modeling

With SynoLibrary, you have access to hundreds of self-reported, zero- and first-party data points on your audience, available off-the-shelf in all major markets. Aggregated from many different sources, including online market research and CX surveys, POS systems, or internal data sources, this data can help you to classify your audiences into multiple segments. Using look-a-like models, the data from known users can be extrapolated to describe your entire active audience, using any of the data points of interest available within SynoLibrary.

An All-in-One CDaaS Platform

With SynoManager, you can experience what it’s like to control and monitor your consumer data in one, Consumer Data-as-a-Service (CDaaS) platform. From online community management and rewards in SynoPanel to audience and consumer insights from SynoAudience and SynoTool, our system links everything together. Have your own external system? We offer a wide range of services to help link your internal or DSP data into our platform, making it your one stop for understanding consumers.

Project Flow

Customer consultation & platform design
We work with customers, from media companies to brands and consultancies, for custom designs.
Create online community within Syno panel
Build your own-branded community, with in-house rewards and monetization options.
Audience Data Acquistion
Acquaire audience data, segmented with zero and first-party profiling points for better understanding and monetization.
Detailed Market Research
Gain valuable insights from your panellists, and visualize them easily with custom dashboards inside Syno Tool.
Measure Ad Effectiveness
With SynoScore, quickly and easily mesure the effectiveness of your online and offline advertising campaigns.
Conduct Global Research
With SynoAnswers, you can quickly place orders for global research surveys-starting oftentimes with just one question.
Audience Data Analysis
Bring all your data together inside SynoLibrary. Compare different data pools and sets for quicl decisions and analysis

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