Customer Experience

Syno's customer experience solution helps clients understand their customers, from data collection to visualization in unified, real-time dashboards. By quickly gaining the voices of consumers, companies are able to speed up their PDCA process and make better business decisions.
Key Features

Customer Satisfaction

Listening to customer feedback is the key to success in any industry. Companies that have continuous feedback channels from customers are more effective in improving their products and services.


Unlimited Question Types

Our system supports all kinds of questions, from matrix questions using complex logic to audio and video files, allowing you to collect the data you want, in the way you want.


Service and Support

Syno can offer a full package of service and support, from questionnaire design and translation to custom dashboards and alerts.

A Team of Highly-Experienced Experts

Syno's team of experts can help you design your survey and analyze your customer experience results to enhance your customer satisfaction.

Feedback System

Syno has a variety of solutions, from QR codes to email, to collect customer feedback. Our system also includes an incentive system, allowing for a greater response rate from your customers.

Syno's Strengths

Feedback Data Analysis

After collection, the data is aggregated and stored in Syno's cloud system. From here, it can be combined with other data for enhanced insights.

Results Sharing

This system allows you to distribute the results as needed, with customizable limits so that each login can access the data they need while maintaining the overall security of the system.

Data is also exportable in the format of your choice.

Should a negative review come in, automated alerts can be created so that you're immediately notified.

Project Process

Syno will recommend some or all of the following after listening to your customer experience system needs.

Survey Design

Decide the Survey Purpose
Translate / Optimize
  • Prepare surveys to measure customer experience
  • Translate
  • Program the survey

Data Collection

Approach Respondents
Collect Feedback
  • Collect respondent data in the most efficient manner.
  • Carefully consider incentive types to increase response rate.

Data Analysis

Aggregate Data
Reporting / Distribution
  • Extract data to various formats, including Excel, SPSS, etc.
  • Data analysis, text mining, etc.
  • Build BI tools, real-time notifications of negative feedback, and more.

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