Consumer Trust in Advertising

APAC Results from the 2020 Ad-Trust Survey

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The responsible, accurate, and independent reporting of news is as important as ever. Advertising plays a major part of the revenue mix for news publishers and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. News and advertising exist in a symbiotic relationship, with the trust in and relevance of content correlating with the trust in advertising.

In our latest Advertising Trust Index Report, co-produced by Syno International and the World Association of News Publishers (WAN-IFRA), the relationship between advertising and news is clarified and expanded upon. The survey includes data from over 40 000 interviews across 40 of the largest advertising markets. First launched in 2019, this round of surveys conducted starting May 28, 2020. Surveys are conducted using online panels via the Cint Insight Exchange.

Survey Overview

  • 1,000+ respondents each from 12 of the largest media markets in Asia, weighted for standard demographics
  • Specific questions asking about:

    • Trust in Content

    • Trust in Advertising

    • The Relationship between Trust and Purchase


  • The first large scale study to measure how Covid-19 has affected trust in content and advertising (conducted the first week of June, 2020)

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